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PWD MEMBERSHIP DETAILS shows how you can become a club member and even rise to the management board. It’s a simplified process designed to accommodate all our passionate fans and supporters. Only registered members can vote on club decisions during it’s annual general meeting.

Our dream is to maintain PWD Bamenda in the professional league forever, and this can only be made possible by a sustainable membership base that gives a chance to every fan to get onboard.

The membership sets out a voluntary financial participation for our members and lays down the membership structure. Any member can rise through the ranks to become a shareholder with a right to take part in the decision making process of the team.
As a social Club, any person with the highest shares becomes the president at the end of any four year mandate.
Our membership is made up of 6 (six) platforms with various advantages

1- PWD Bronze: This is the basic plan open to all supporters of PWD. It is valued at 10.000 frs per annum. Subscribers are issued a membership attestation and they are eligible to take part in general meetings of the club.

2- PWD Silver: The silver plan is valued at 25,000 frs a year. This plan entitles the holder to a card with his photo and the right to attend all PWD home games during the season, as well as the advantages of the bronze plan.

3- PWD Gold: The Gold plan subscribers pay the sum of 50.000 frs per annum. They enjoy the advantages of the bronze subscribers and silver card holders as well as a PWD home kit (jersey only)

4- PWD Platinum: Platinum card holders pay an annual sum of 100,000 frs. They enjoy all the advantages of the bronze subscribers, silver and bronze card holders and over and above that, they get an extra PWD complete kit (jersey home and away). Platinum members are invited to participate in some PWD Bamenda board meetings but with no voting rights. This is to gradually introduce them into management issues and get them acquainted with the inner workings of PWD Bamenda at management level.

5- Share Holders: The shares of the team’s holding company are open to platinum card holders who are ready to invest in the capital of the company and contribute to the yearly budget of the team voted by the management. Such members enjoy voting rights and partake in the profit and loss of the holding company. Any shareholder or group of shareholders with an investment of up to 25% of the share capital of the holding company automatically moves into the management board. They enjoy the benefits of all the card holders as well.

6- Board Member: This is the apex of the membership structure; also known simply as ‘management’. Board or Management Committee members are those with the highest shares in the holding company and they oversee the financial and administrative running of the team.

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