tribute to Joseph agwa

JAM Tribute to Goalkeeper Agwa.

Keeper of the seals is no more but what questions remain unanswered and how do we pen down his legacy in the anals of Cameroon football?

Ni Joe”as he was fondly called stood a whooping 1.97metres .He was a colossus and shot stopper. The likes of Kunde, Milla and even Mbida who had the thunder bolts and damaging headers will testify their frustrations in front of this giant of a goalkeeper whenever PWD met Canon and Tonnerre.

It was his prowess as one of the best keepers of the the game in Cameroon that saw PWD reach the 1979 Cup Finals , an achievement no one could imagine considering the existence of teams like Canon and Tonnerre who had been African Champions.

Many have argued that Ni-Joe during his prime was better than the black scorpion(Thomas Nkono) “jojo”(Bell Joseph Antoine)-a school of certainty my late dad Who was team manager during Agwa’s prime in PWD carried till his death.

This rhetorical question will even more be asked today -“why was Agwa never Cameroons number 1 keeper?

Ni Joe Aka contriman was loyal to PWD till his last breath and joyfully with tears did touch the Cameroon cup trophy after all in 2021 when PWD became champions.

It was our wish for him to be a witness yet again of another Cameroon cup victory for PWD are into the 2023 finals but seems this wish could not be granted. The giant passed on today.

RIP Goalkeeper Joseph Agwa. You are a legend of the game and I have added your name in “yes Bamenda “ by kotto Bass Joseph Agwa………We no fit forget you.

Go thee well keeper of the Seals

Jude Ade Monikang Quebec

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